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In daily speech a mop is usually equal to a yarn mop. The mop (eye) consists of thick lengths of yarn (about 25 cm) or, in newer models, soft strands of water-absorbing fabric or Wettex. A yarn mop is usually mounted on a long (about 1.5 m) handle with a thread end on which the mop can be fastened by turning it clockwise. To clean a floor, the mop is soaked in a bucket of water, usually mixed with a cleaning solution and swept against the surface. Some buckets include a wringer to strain excess water from the mop, so as not to saturate the floor and as not to leave excessive water on the floor. Leaving too much (contaminated) water on the floor will usually result in dust collection and thus result in a less clean floor. Yarn mops are also often used to clean up liquid spills.

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